Blow Moulding 2020, 22-24 June, Brussels, Belgium
Blow Moulding 2020, 22-24 June, Brussels, Belgium

6 March 2020

Information on the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


The text below is based on our current understanding.  Please follow the guidance issued from time to time by local, national and international public health authorities.


Based on the current information and guidelines,

Blow Moulding 2020

(the international conference

on innovations and sustainability in plastic bottles and containers)

is set to take place as scheduled,

on 22-24 June, in Brussels, Belgium.


We currently assume, based on the current level of knowledge, that the risks will considerably decrease by 22 June and, in consequence, that most of the restrictions/advice currently in place will be relaxed or lifted.  However, we are constantly monitoring the situation and have backup plans in place, in case this assessment will ultimately not hold true.


As organisers – and in collaboration with the management of the conference venue – we have also adopted mitigation measures, aimed at reducing the risk of infection to conference attendees and staff.  Please read below for details.




The safety of our attendees, partners and staff is paramount to us.


On the other hand, it is clear that common sense has to be employed and that the business activities should be continued, while at the same time mitigating safety risks.  We should be guided by science, not rumours, paranoia or panic.


With that in mind, as conference organisers we will continue to closely monitor and follow the guidelines issued by public health authorities, especially the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), as well as those of the relevant national and local authorities.


Questions & Answers


Q.: What have you done/will you do to further mitigate risks?

A.: As conference organisers, we have carefully examined the guidelines published by WHO and ECDC.  We have then communicated with the Venue (Crowne Plaza Brussels) and have jointly decided to put in place the following Mitigation Steps:

  • Each conference day will start with a short reminder of specific precautions, as issued by the public health authorities.
  • We will place at the disposal of attendees a system enabling contact details to be exchanged electronically, instead of exchanging business cards (full instructions will be given at the conference).
  • Attendees will be advised to avoid shaking hands and replace that greeting gesture with a slight bow.
  • Inside the Conference Room, each attendee will be provided with tissues, bottles of hand sanitiser and special plastic zipper bags to dispose of used tissues.
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available at the entrance to the Conference Room and the Coffee Break Area.  All attendees will be required to use hand sanitiser every time they enter one of these facilities – including at the start and end of each Coffee Break.
  • All guests will be required to use hand sanitiser at the entrance to the Restaurant.
  • The conference and hotel staff will be required to use hand sanitiser at regular intervals.
  • All relevant hotel staff has been trained and instructed to frequently wipe areas of contact (door knobs, lift buttons, etc.) with special disinfectant.

We will continue to pay attention to instructions and guidelines issued by public health authorities and, if necessary, will adopt additional precautions.


Q.: What can attendees do to mitigate risks to themselves and to others?

A.: Here are a few strong suggestions:

  • Do not attend the conference if you run a fever, have cold-like symptoms or if you know that you have been in close contact with people carrying the virus.
  • Scrupulously follow the instructions on using and disposing of tissues, using hand sanitiser, etc.
  • Scrupulously follow the ‘contactless etiquette’ that will be introduced at the conference: slight bow instead of shaking hands, exchanging e-contacts rather than business cards, etc.

Q.: Should I wear a medical mask?

A.: WHO advises that no decrease of the risk of infection is achieved through wearing a face mask by people who are not infected.  In fact, the mask itself can become a source of infection, if not properly handled and disposed of.  Therefore, we do not recommend wearing such a mask.

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