Knowledge is power!

Spend just 2 days of your busy schedule to get a concentrated update of what's new in the industry. 

How to be successful

Network, network, network!
Meet key movers and influencers along the entire supply chain.

Who attends the Conference?

2019 audience by company


  • Brand owners, retailers
  • Blow moulders, preform moulders
  • Caps & closures, labels & sleeves, handles & grips, etc.


  • Raw materials
  • Additives
  • Recycling companies


  • Suppliers of technology, machinery, tooling


  • Academic researchers
  • Testing & certification labs
  • Regulatory agencies

2019 audience by job title


  • Sales, Marketing Director/Manager, Business Development, Market Development, Purchasing, Key Account Manager, Product/Category Manager, etc.


  • Technical, Technology Director/Manager/Expert/ Engineer, R & D, Product Development, Application Manager, Technical Service, etc.

Business Management:

  • Owner, CEO, President, General Manager, Managing Director, BU Director, Vice President, Divisional Director, etc.

Why attend?

Attending the conference benefits your business/employer; it is also good for your own career and industry profile.  By attending, you will:

  • Get a bulletpoint summary of what’s going on in the industry;
  • Network with colleagues, customers, suppliers; initiate new collaborations.

What does the Conference cover?

All technical and business issues related to plastic bottles and containers:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Manufacture
  • Filling
  • End-of-life stewardship


All blow moulding technologies and polymeric materials are included. Customers do not buy PET or HDPE, EBM or SBM bottles; they buy suitable, sustainable and affordable packaging solutions. Any technology/material offering such solutions competes for a share of the market. Moreover, technology is forever expanding: nowadays, polyolefins can be processed through ISBM technology, while PET can be extruded into containers with handles. Therefore, it is artificial and unhelpful for a conference to address just one technology/material class.

About the blow moulding industry

In 2018, over 32 million metric tonnes of thermoplastic polymers have been processed by blow moulding.  They were converted into bottles, jars, jerricans, plastic drums, IBCs, toys, automotive fuel tanks, various other containers and technical parts – worth a total of circa $680 billion.  Spread across the globe, blow moulding is a sophisticated industry, utilising complex technical and commercial processes. It benefits from continuous innovation in materials, machinery, process and product design. It utilises a plethora of channels to market and provides solutions to the complex requirements of a demanding set of customers.

The Organisers

Blow Moulding 2020 is organised by Nortal Consulting,  a business consultancy specialising in the polymers & plastics industry.


The conference will be chaired by Mr. Noru Tsalic.  A polymers and plastics industry professional with broad expertise and more than 25 years experience, Mr. Tsalic has successfully developed and chaired numerous similar events.

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