Blow Moulding 2020 Virtual Conferenc, Exhibition & Networking Event
Blow Moulding 2020 Virtual Conferenc, Exhibition & Networking Event

Many thanks!

What a great event!  Thank you sponsors, thank you exhibitors, thank you all for your active participation and for the heart-warming feedback (please scroll down to view it).  It was a great pleasure to organise this conference, despite the limitations of an online event.


See you all at Blow Moulding 2021 (5th edition) on 16-17 June in Brussels.

The Blow Moulding Organisation Team

Blow Moulding 2020 in numbers

  • 23 speakers
  • 6 sponsors
  • 14 exhibitors
  • 160 registered attendees

Feedback from Blow Moulding 2020

  • "Surprisingly well transferred to the virtual World."
  • "Thank you for putting this awesome conference even with the difficulties of Covid."
  • "Well structured and nice tools to contact the attendees."
  • "Thank you again for the invitation, the virtual meeting worked very well, but I hope to be in Brussels with you next year."
  • "Nice job adapting to the online realm."
  • "Thanks again for the nice conference last week. Everything went perfectly and I was surprised by the great format!"
  • "For everything being online the conference was very well organized and even networking was possible."
  • "Thank you and congratulations, you guys did a great job!"
  • "As said several times during the break out sessions, from my point of view this was a great event, thank you."
  • "Even in this difficult time, you did a great job and provided a well organised event. Even if networking is not as easy as in real life. Thanks."
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for including us at your conference. We enjoyed ourselves and are hopeful the audience learned a lot."
  • "It was a great and very well prepared event."
  • "Excellent performance and realization of the virtual part of the Conference, congratulations!"
  • "Congrats, and a big virtual applause!"

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